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Wii Secrets Codes Downloads

On this site we will help you get much more out of your Nintendo Wii than you ever thought possible.  We will help you learn Wii secrets codes downloads that will make playing with the WII more fun and help you win more often.

Because the Nintendo Wii started with WII sports our help will start with secrets and cheats for Wii Sports.  We have spent months collecting all the best secrets and hints for bowling, tennis, boxing, baseball and golf that we will share with you that will make the games more fun.  Here are a few to get you started:

Wii Bowling Cheats and Secrets

How to get PRO in bowling

If you get a score of 170 or better for 12 games you will get to the pro status.
How to knock down all 91 pins in the final frame of “Power Throws” in the training mode

This probably the best Wii play cheat for bowling.  This will only work in the final throw, the “91 pin stage” in Power Throws.  Move all the way to the right until you can’t move any further, then move to the left one notch.  Now press “A” and move two or three notches to the left.  Now press “A” again and move all the way to the right.  Then throw the ball without any curve or spin.  If you do it right it will jump up and go all the way down the rail on the right side.  At the end it will cause an explosion.  You will hear the sound and it will cause the ground to shake and all the pins will fall down.  I will warn you though, it takes practice.

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Wii Tennis Cheats and Secrets

Power serve

A power serve can be very difficult for your opponent to return, especially if it has speed and leaves a trail behind. To do one, time a quick swing to coincide with the top of the ball’s arc. Controller angle is important. If your serving motion mimics an overhead tennis serve, then the controller needs to be angled forward and down, like in a true tennis serve or overhead smash.

Super Slow Serve

You can also do a super slow serve, this prevent bots and friends from returning your serve cross court for a winner. Toss the ball up and wait until the last second to make contact.  This generates very slow, high serve, but for some reason, human and bot opponents struggle with the return.
How to Outlast Your Opponent and make them sweat.  If you play long points against the bots, you’ll notice that they begin to visibly sweat. When the sweating starts, they also slow down when reacting to your shots, making it easier for you to win points.

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Wii Boxing Tips and Secrets

The real secret to doing well at Wii Sports Boxing is to use the right amount of power when you punch.  There are 3 levels of power: weak, medium, and strong. When you use the weak punch, you don’t do as much damage, but the advantage is that you recover very quickly so that you can attack again quickly or defend if needed. Medium and strong delivered punches are more powerful in the damage they inflict, but proportionately they take increasing amounts of time to recover.  So, you need to decide which if best depending on your health status.

Remember this, after any punch on wii boxing, the glove needs to recover.  While it is in recovery, you can’t do anything. If you think your wii is being unresponsive, it’s probably because you are still in recovery from a strong punch.

The best way to win at Wii Boxing is to stay out of recovery while your opponent can still punch you.  Only use strong punches if your opponent is in recovery (after missing on a strong punch).  Another tip is to use a combination of weak punches to slow down your opponent and then finish them with a strong punch.

 How To Win Silver Gloves-After beating the Boxing champ - Matt - you can get silver boxing gloves. To wear - Hold (1) when the screen goes black before a match.

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Wii Baseball Cheats and Secrets

Here are tips on how to throw seven different types of pitches to rattle your opponent.

Normal Pitch-Simply raise the controller over your shoulder and then thrust it forward.

Underhand pitch-While pitching, press 2 before throwing. To return to normal pitching press 1.

Fastball–thrust the controller forward quickly.

Changeup– thrust it forward slowly to throw a change-up.

Screwball– hold down "A" and thrust the controller forward.

Curveball, hold "B" and thrust the controller forward.

Splitter– hold down both "A" and "B" and thrust the controller forward.

More Pitching Tips:

Use the directional pad pressing either left or tight to throw pitches inside or outside.

Generally it is a good idea to try and pitch inside of down the middle.  Outside pitches are easiest to hit for home runs.

To keep the element of surprise going for your opponent, change your pitches with every pitch and try not to have a pattern.

Throw screwballs on the inside of the plate and curveballs on the outside of the plate to right-handed hitters and vice-versa to left-handed hitters.

Splitters are almost impossible to hit, but use it when you have the batter swinging.  If the batter doesn’t swing it will normally end up a ball.

A fast ball is a good change of pace pitch especially following a curveball or a screw ball.  But don’t do it every time so your opponent is expecting it.

A sweat symbol appearing over the pitcher means the pitcher is getting tired. The pitches will start coming being thrown with less speed and more likely to be not as intended and easier to hit.

Batting Tips

How to hit more often—Stand and position yourself like a real batter. Just before the ball crosses the plate make a full swing, holding the controller in you hand as if it was a bat.  It really does help.  Even though you can just flick your wrist and the batter will swing, standing like a true batter with your left shoulder facing the screen (or right shoulder if you are left handed), feet apart slightly and holding the Wii controller like a bat will help you make better contact more frequently.

In general, swing more often than you would in real baseball.  Most pitches will be good ones.  You will see more strikes than balls so you should have lots of opportunities to hit.  Be careful with this if you are playing an opponent who knows you are a free swinger then they will be more likely to throw balls.

How to hit a home run–Take a full hard swing at the ball and swing up on the ball.   This will increase the odds of you hitting a homerun or to the outfield which gives you a better chance to get on base.

Bunting—You can bunt in Wii baseball.  Just hold the Wii controller out in front of you as the pitch crosses the plate. It is hard to get a hit with a bunt, but you can sacrifice and move runners over with a bunt to allow them to score easier on a base hit.

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Wii Golf Tips and Secrets

Improve your putting– Press (1) on the controller to see the break of the green and use this to line up your putt.  You can also press (2) to get a lower, closer view of the green.

To disable the power meter, map, and the wind speed indicator—press and hold (2), then make a selection at the "Select a Course" screen.

To Eagle Hole Three–On hole 3 of Wii Sports Golf, there is a small section of fairway at about a 45 degree angle to the left from the tee box. It is a small patch surrounded by Out Of  Bound area. If you can land your ball on there, you can easily make it on the green in 2, and then eagle hole.

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