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Wii Bowling Cheats

We have scoured the Internet, talked with players on practically all the forums and played Wii Sports Bowling until the wee hours of the night—here are the latest hints and cheats we have found that will help you take your Wii Bowling game to next level.


How to Get PRO in Wii Bowling

If you get a score of 170 or better for 12 games you will get to the pro status.

How to knock down all 91 pins in the final frame of “Power Throws” in the training mode.

This probably the best wii play cheat for bowling. A video showing how this Wii bowling cheat is done is just below. This will only work in the final throw, the “91 pin stage” in Power Throws. Move all the way to the right until you can’t move any further, then move to the left one notch. Now press “A” and move two or three notches to the left. Now press “A” again and move all the way to the right. Then throw the ball without any curve or spin. If you do it right it will jump up and go all the way down the rail on the right side. At the end it will cause an explosion. You will hear the sound and it will cause the ground to shake and all the pins will fall down. I will warn you though –it takes practice.




How to get a loud gunshot sound

Throw the bowling ball at either one of the two yellow bars on the side of your alley. You have to throw the ball—not roll it –for this to work.

How to get a bowling ball with diamond designs

By getting to the Pro level you will unlock the diamond designed bowling ball.


How to get a different colored bowling ball

If you donlty want the color bowling ball that your character gets atthe start of the game try this simple Wii bowling hint: When starting the game move the key on the “D” pad in the following directions to get the desired colors: press up for blue, down for green, right for gold and left for pink.

To scare the crowd behind you

Here’s a wii bowling cheat that will scare the crowd when bowling, start your regular motion and on your back swing let go of the ball. It will fly back and the crown will jump and scream.

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Here’s a wii bowling secret to try to improve your strikes

When holding the wii controller, in the back swing stop and press the “B” button for about three seconds. Now finish your forward movement and when your arm is slightly past your leg release the ball. This usually works to knock most or all of the pins.

How to get EXTRA points

Here’s one of the Wii play cheats that will allow you to get extra points. If you position yourself as far as possible to the left or right of the lane throw your ball toward the other lane. Experiment with this, if you put enough spin on it the ball will go into the lane next to you and you will get the extra points.

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